I’m Rubén, a software developer from Asunción, Paraguay. I’ve been working with Android and JEE since 2011. Software development is my passion and I’m allways trying to get better and learn new things.

I graduated in Computing Engineering at the Polytechnic Faculty of the National University of Asuncion. I’m currently working at Itaipu Binacional. I’m an active member of the JUGpy. You can find my resumé here.

I’ve build apps like Indufar, TAXit! and Influenciadores, RESTful web services for Personal and DNCP and many other enterprise apps, using technologies like Firebase, PrimeFaces, Angular, Ruby on Rails and Play Framework. You can find all the projects I have worked on here.

I’m allways open for new challenges. I’m currently learnign about TDD, Clean Architecture, Kotlin. I’m interested in RxJava, Dart, Flutter, React and React Native, Machine Learning, Neo4J and many other things. You can check out what I’ve been learning here.